The rise of reality tv show revealed the disease, you could suffer from Kim Kardashian


Progress promises to be drama-contents

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” plans for the start of the season to the number 17, therefore, is the breakthrough, now he is there and let the followers of this family with many questions.

Subject: important history is the drama, as you can see, there are numerous disagreements, scandals in the media and the visit in one or other of the ex in the life of some people from the clan Kardashian.

“This family will never fall apart”is the passphrase for the aperture determines the voice of Kris Jenner in the new preview of the upcoming season.

The tension and drama of the rest of the video when Kim Kardashian shows strong news.This also generates the greatest impact, as it is a great option for the Kardashian-West have the auto-immune disease, lupus.

“I feel it in my bones, I probably have lupus”, you can hear the voice of Kim, while images will be displayed in you some medical studies undergone in a clinic.

“It is to stay positive, until we get the results”says Kris Jenner is her second daughter, while platicaban and Kim is visibly surprised by what could happen.

Lupus es is an autoimmune disease, that is, the immune system cells and tissues healthy by mistake. The damages can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels and braindepending on the portal MedLine Plus –.

Selena Gomez is a victim of this disease, which led to a transplant of the kidney of her friend, actress Francia Raisa, who in september 2017.

This season promises to explain what is happening in the life of the family, both good and bad. It also shows pictures of the Creator of the line of make-up NPP Beauty in addition to Donald Trump in the White house and his family they celebrated their successes.

But in the dramas of the dispute between Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian is still alive, in addition to new rumors that Kris Jenner and O. J. Simpson held a relationship. “Have been printed, a story that says that I I believe, with O. J., after 25 years, not to speak that this is no longer a topic.”, Kris Jenner said to the point of tears.

You can also see, that a fight between the sisters to be set free, because the oldest of the sisters, Kourtney question to all, what you get in your Affairs.

“I can’t wait to move from here,” said Kourtney her sister Khloé in the presence of his grandmother, that Khloé Countess “don’t”.

Scott Disick, the ex-partner of Kourtney also you will be enveloped in a heated discussion with the boyfriend Jenner, Corey Gamble.

Also, what seems to be booming accident, car Jenner, please make a sick.

Revelations in your circle

Kim Kardashian showed in a recent video which was you who for error it helped that the message again, a surrogate for use his fourth son, further spread ahead of time.

I emborraché in the eve of Christmas, and I told several people, but I don’t remember who, because I was drunk“he described the star of the reality tv. “That’s why I don’t take,” he added with sarcasm.

The series starts its season number 17, next Sunday, the 8. september in the United States, however, still no date for the premiere in Mexico.