This is the song that Katy Perry copied to “Dark Horse”


United States Of America.- A jury in Los Angeles today condemned the American singer Katy Perry copied a rap song Christian for their successful theme of “Dark Horse”.

Marcus Gray, known as Flame, rapper Christian, complained in 2014, Katty Perry and his team for the allegedly plagiarized their song “Joyful Noise”.

This song, included on the album “Our World: Redeemed” (2008), the Flame, has decided to have a rhythm and a base very similar to “Dark Horse”, the rapper, to sue Katy Perry and begin a verdict.

“Dark Horse”, from the album “Prism” (2013) in a duet with Juice J, is one of the biggest successes of the career of Perry and her video clip is inspired by ancient Egypt.

Katy Perry as Egyptian in her video “Dark Horse”, with more than 2600 million hits on Youtube.

Also, “Dark Horse” was one of the highlights of the show from Perry in the middle of 2015 Super Bowl, the final game of the National Football League (NFL) and one of the events in the media is the main worldwide every year.

In the pregnancy of the “Dark Horse” were involved, among other things, the famous music producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

The jury accused the singer of plagiarism.

Both Perry, as the rest of the musicians, composers and producers involved in the development of “Dark Horse” insured persons before the court that they had never heard the song “Joyful Noise” by Flame.

The decision in this case came to the unanimous decision of the jury, after a trial which lasted a week.

Here are both songs to compare


The Hollywood Reporter emphasized that there were a few moments of curious, during the trial, because if the team of sound should be “Dark Horse” for the jury, did not work properly, the own Katy Perry and offered to sing live in the middle of the court.

In addition to his triumphant career in the world of pop, Perry has highlighted on television through his role as a juror in the competition “American Idol.”