What is the #champeta challenge?: Shakira teaches dance – 12/02/2020


Shakira and JLo the protagonists of the mid-term were the Super Bowl 2020. The Colombian singer is dancing Champetaa musical phenomenon, even in the slums of Cartagena de Indias.

Champeta is the Caribbean, the rhythm of afro -, after The trade of Peru, and now you are again viral #Champeta challenge created by the singer himself.

Two days after the Super Bowl in 2020, Shakira released in to your Youtube account tutorial on how to dance Champeta.


Also, in your account of Instagram Shakira various videos published and released her to the dance this rhythm, and your stories #Champeta challenge his followers.

Their most important advice to dancing to the rhythm of Champeta “don’t stop practicing.”

The daughter of Ivan Rakitic, Barcelona player, also came challenge viral.