What Shakira, it was important that the football in the Super Bowl?


In this moment, it is a question, something that seemed a few days ago unlikely. What is the most famous of Shakira, the superbowl is? The following is, obviously, became is viral: it says today is the superbowl dance from Shakira, the you through the moves of the sport.

This is the moment, Latin America’s take a ordered it directly under the chin of Donald Trump, headed by Shakira; and a jab from the left, crossed, liver, beaten, by J. López, all through your wild and sensual dance, the largest celebration of sport, or at least the hype and the biggest bill, which selectively took part.

And so it should be, because of this, Mr clown, recently pleaded guilty, refuse to accept witnesses in his process of political disempowerment coludido with congressional Republicans inclined, three years despotricando against the latinos, who are trying to build, a oprobioso wall that it once was, the natural filter for the span of the natural selection of the species, the indigenous people of America, if you do not yet so called. And here in America, if it is so, no government, in the know, not even Mexico, the place with the adjacent, said a blessed host to resist. “What a shame! To shame!

And there are two women, latinas, twelve-minute dance and provocations effect, the best master of the Venus, the Greek and set to feet, come untap all the sleeping consciousness of America.

But it dimensionarlo better. If the question had been formulated, a positive answer, then Latin America should invent your own super bowl, i.e., a show, throw in parallel and at the same time to any date for this event, the our consciousness and the importance from the mainland by the world. Latin America should be designed jointly in the Us, your own stadium, how monumental or greater, him to the jurisdiction of the OAS, to the women of latinas dancing, now, dancing to Shakira and J. The. These dances develop, the beards of the United States of America, for mockery and ridicule Donald Trump and your anquilosados bone cave.

And it gives him all the attention, if you will, the most advanced of the case. It is not to be moved the way Shakira moves, the quality of the world, and the show is not enough, especially for the next era of the robot that opened almost global. If the robot dominate the world, and wish the robot to move like Shakira, both the media as well as operationally acceptable. If not, is the gift that we have belongs to us also in the future.

As simple as that. Shakira would have been the first image to pop-up the robot-Era with a gender perspective that opened the story.

If we consider that 54% of the population of the world, women, and all, without exception, want to move like Shakira, we would have the army, the media better with the world and representative.

A recovery is needed, the consciousness and the subversive meaning of the dance is. As the discrete movements contornan-and-white an interpretation of our sought-after and longed-for freedom of movement for the whole of the American continent, the natives, the want to hurtarnos the supremacismo and the fetishism, the geographical barriers, which is a Trump German to Japanese.

Shakira red to the feet dressed, showed the density of a woman, the libertarian on the stage. That slit in her skirt on the right flank, and the peristaltic movements of the hip are an incitement to a new history of America, a continent that dares to dance to the best music in the world. Shakira, the she-wolf, in the heat of America.

But what makes our government: to call the poor Ministers, who know not even to lift a finger to move them now to go, a country. What is a continent? Bah!

To believe that this is just exaggerated folklore. Shakira has the legs and dance. The is irrefutable. There is not, but look, what could be so far away, the actual JLos, if you sought the hips move.

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