You can see how Rihanna looks Mexican!


The diva enjoyed a few days of relaxation.

This 20 February, the singer Rihanna they celebrated the Supreme being birthday 32.
Unexpectedly, in Mexico, with a party in the best style and taste
Mexicans with mariachi music included! Is that the videos of the diva Barbados went viral in the social networks quickly. On
seems to be one of the guests leaked images.

It should be noted that in the clip
the artist wore a dress typical of the country with vibrant colors. In addition,
he sang along with a group of mariachis, which led to the title
the famous “Las mañanitas”. After completion of the interpretation, that
consisted of dances– the brunette turned on the candles very much.

It is worth to remember that at the end of January, Rihanna and entrepreneur Hassan Jameel they confirmed their separation, was surprised; no one saw it coming. Later, in the popular press ensured that, from Barbados, a volatile affair with one of her exparejas had, Drake. Seen together, the Yams in the Barclays Center of Brooklyn were of the day, and was accompanied by her boyfriend, ASAP Rocky.

Rihanna has your best time

everything began to take more shape. Both a source close to Rihanna voice
the daily newspaper, The Sun, and assured that the interpreter was not invited, Drake, but,
the same ASAP. So
the presence of the rapper was a coincidence. According to the source, the
artist of “Work” would, by a relationship “casual” with the author
“Praise the Lord”.

Finally, the center of The Sun
he assured that the musicians shared a room in a luxurious hotel in New
York, however, does not confirm: “Really, the company of each and enjoy
others take things easy. It is a little random, and she was not only
think, if there is a future for Rocky or not. A girl is single, and now
have fun. Her life was very different, what used to be
you complicated a relationship can hold.”