accused, a model sexually assaulted at a party


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Katy Perry wrapped is controversial, since the model Josh Klosson the music video Teenage Dreamit was found that they suffered, sexual aggression by the singerso in a party what is the power for all of moved to see your parts sex.

By Instagram the the model is 38 years old old are assured that ” these actions are recurring, in the pop star within and outside of the scenarios.

In this sense, showed that Perry he had the distance, while they were all in the public domain, but that, when they were alone, everything changed. Also, you said that this aggression he lived then, that the singer divorciara Russell Brandso found more than once.

“This time I took a friend who ached to know you. The birthday celebration Johnny Wujek Published in Moonlight Rollerway. When I saw you, we hugged, and she was still my love. But, if I were you my friend, my clothes pulled up to show a few friends and the lot of my penis“said the model.

After the fact, immediately shame, what is it about the sexual assaults felt and assured that the women also can “unpleasant“.

“What are you, what’s pathetic and embarrassing to think that I felt? Only I say this now, because our culture is based, to prove that men of power, you are evil. But women with power are evil, “he wrote.

In this sense, Kloss revealed that the representatives of the singer, which harassed so he doesn’t say anything.

To verify your accusations, the government has not updated the model and shared it images, screenshotswhere holding a conversation with the team of the popstar.

“Should minimizarme and keep me calm for the protection of its ‘image’. I heard and I was a good boy. Andl fear you, if you censored the image to protect it from another person. But you’re exposed to treated like a prostitute and a group of friends and other people randomly…

…then they will surprise you and lock it, because you see the face of the children, collected through the positive music they sang. And tor mind is caught trying to do their job, and protect your image or be honest and to help the global dialogue about power and abuse,” he said.

It is also common that with their participation in the music video just won 650 us dollarseven though it was on their tour and on the product DVD.

According to the chain Fox News they tried to communicate with the representatives Perrybut not got successful, because they refused to make comments.