Alba flowers, Millie Bobby Brown and Beyonce inspired between the women, the Netflix (us) | Film and television


On 8. March finds the claim to equality of the sexes. Millions of women go on the road, his voice, and lifted up, and to give meaning to the International women’s day. And the voice has become unbeatable in a weapon. Many of the figures in relation to the different areas deal with yours, to throw a clear message.

Messages, you can reach all corners of the planet with the only aim to inspire you. And is that these messages have heard, some of our series and movies. Aware of this, and in this particular date the platform Netflix has, together with UN women, to launch the campaign Because you sawin itself, the roles of some of our favorite characters, and a homage to his words.

One of them is Alba flowers, is the life of a Nairobi – (The house of paper) authorised and stubborn in defence of their principles. Millie Bobby Brown and Salma Hayek are other examples of this empowerment. But there is also space for a few stars for the music. Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, the cast of their documentary films on this platform have been proven in inmmurables opportunities within and outside of a stage.

Female faces of the TV also have used your voice for inspirarar, especially the younger generations. Ellen Degeneres, figure international, is one of them.

In this video inspirativo, these famous characters unite their voices with clear messages and impact. “Orange Is The New Black it is the first project in which I makes me really full, as a woman, by the woman the helm of the series, Jenji Kohan, and many of the film’s Director, writer and producer and female members of the team, as well as the hirostiras resistance to women fire a form of different in the cross-never seen before,” says the actress Laverne Cox in a statement from Netflix.

And is that the start of this campaign, it is no coincidence, because the colabración between UN women and the Netflix comes on the 25th anniversary of the Declaration and Beijing platform for action, a program for women’s rights.

And you, how are you going to claim your rights to this 8. March? Let some of your favorite Actresses.