Alessandra Ambrosio shines with bikini in Rio de Janeiro


Alessandra Ambrosio has been recognized by the paparazzi assuming your effect number from the balcony of an exclusive hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

The exángel of Victoria’s Secret a tiny bikini wore in front of the camera, two piece, white in color, which helped her to frame her abs of steel.

Ambrose, 38 years, shaped to a support of the media cup with shoulder strap style holder and draped detailing, which will be coordinated with a pantaleta cut high-cut.


Photo: The grosby Group

While the look of your home, the model used glasses solar black with frame in white Ray-Ban.

In her hair, hair in smooth bore strands over her shoulders.

The celebrity she kept her make-up and scarce used, small earrings, silver plated.

According to these snapshots, the entrepreneur turned to the beach to have a photo session with Stewart Shining, one of the promotional campaigns, new releases WAS Floripa, brand of swimwear, which she runs with her family.

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During your stay in the Rio de Janeirothe model attended several social events with your friends.

One of them, the closure of the Carnival do Brasil, where was seen wearing a variety of clothing from tropical costumes and extravagant jewelry, as in the whole of the metal bralette, tie, pants, and connected to each other with chains.

Or showy feather robe color beige with gold, you pay attention to the famous Dance Arara.

This look was built with a bodysuitangel wings and a huge head jewelry summit over the head and play with the rest of the outfit.

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