Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer on a ‘future 2’ to


“Maleficent’ 2: the mistress of Evil”, the second film in the franchise, with Angelina Jolie, was released in the year 2014, and there is a big conflict between her and the Queen, Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer), mother of Phillip, the Prince marries the Princess Aurora, the sleeping beauty, the first edition of the sequel, once again played by Elle Fanning.

In the sequel, Disney is also in a less close, and shows the rocky relationship between the Evil and the Aurora. To fight In the story, you will have a new enemy, to protect all magical beings from the land of the Moors.

On mount Carmel, the movie, has a display in the hall 4, on 14, 16h20, 18h40, and 21h10, and in the hall 5, at 13h40, 16: 10, 18: 30, and 20h50; and on the 6th, at 13: 50, 16h20, 18h50, and 21: 15.

Of Partage the exhibition is in room 1, at 13h20, 15h50, 18: 20 the longitudinal and 21, and in the hall 4, at 13: 50 and 16: 30 and 19 21h50 (both of them, except Saturday and Sunday), and 19h20 and 21h55 (both only on Saturday and Sunday, and in room 6, 14h50, 17h20, and 20.


She said, ” he has said
Director: Claudia Castro

Partage 2: 15h40 (Monday-Wednesday).

The joker
Director: Todd Phillips

Mount Carmel 2: 16: 10, 18: 30, and 21.
Mount Carmel in 3: 14h10, 16: 30, 18h50, and 21h10.
Mount Carmel 7: 20: 30.
Partage 3: 12: 30 o’clock, 15h20, 18, and 21: 30.
Partage 5: 12 pm, 18h55, and 22h20 (all of Saturday and Sunday), 16: 10 (every second day), and 19h20 and 22h (both of them, except Saturday and Sunday).
Partage 7: 14: 30, 17: 30, and 20h35 (all Saturday and Sunday, may 17, 19h55 and 22h35 (except Saturday and Sunday).

Angry Birds 2
Address: Thurop Van Orman

Mount Carmel 7: 14h20, 16: 30 and 18: 30.
Partage 7: 12h10 (Saturday and Sunday) 14h20 (except Saturday and Sunday).

Directed By: Jill Culton

Mount Carmel in 1: 14: 30 PM and 18h50.

Project Gemini
Director: Ang Lee

Mount Carmel in 1: 16: 30, and 20h50.
Partage 2: 15h40 and 21h10 (only available Friday, 16 21h40 (both on Saturday and Sunday only) and at 20: 30 (Monday-Wednesday) are.

The dead don’t Speak
Director: Dennison Ramalho

Partage 2: 13, 17: 50 (this is Monday-Wednesday) at 18: 30 (only on Fridays), 19: 10 (only on Saturday and Sunday.

Turma da Mônica – left

Directed By: Daniel Rezende

Partage 5: 13: 30 (except Saturday and Sunday).