Anne Hathaway is crying if you know the RuPaul TV show – Review


One of the dreams of the life of Anne Hathaway, was known to drag, RuPaul. And the desire to be fulfilled for the issue of Wednesday (8), the Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

She was interviewed to talk about the premiere of the new film, her, The rogue, which will be published on the 10. Of may in the cinemas in the United States.

In an interview with Colbert, confessed to Anne Hathaway, that you Drag a big fan of the book series, RuPaul”s Race, and drag. The tv presenter said that she is the next guest on the program. To say “only you that I love you,” he said laughing and looked very happy. But s surprise Colbert ‘ to call visit, the say in the UK on the stage: “Why not him, what now?” he said.

“My God!”, screamed the actress, not herself, and took the Post. “I love you so much. Thanks for everything,” said Anne. The actress has race a review on Drag. “The growth in the it between the 10 and 11 this season and the way that she was sexy and powerful…I have the feeling that, since I’m an actress, I learned how to be sexy and powerful”, he admitted.

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