Beyoncé us, a new trend is increasingly capillary | Radio


This week, the speech of the father was much Beyoncé. Matthew Knowles has admitted, in Good Morning Americathe program had a morning fight with the ABC, the to against breast cancer. Yes, you read that right, mom. Relates to the percentage ranges between 1% and 3% of men, and he has touched.

To his 67 years, against this disease it was the beginning of summer, after you see a doctor, because he observed, as well as his wife, the points of blood in shirts and bed linen.

The last week of July went through the op and it seems that everything was pretty good and now, speak to, issue, serve as an example to other people.

“Immediately warned my family, because this is a question of geneticsthis means that the risk to my daughters, or even grandchildren, is greater,” he explained in an interview.

Everything suggests that the singer and her sister As long as were subjected to genetic testing to find out the probability of it myself but have not made any comment, or have overcome, the results.

Life goes on

Beyoncé, has to make changes in your life, in fact, we have seen, party with your man, Jay-Z. Not want to have lost the inauguration of the new studios for the production of the cinema-friend Tyler Perry. A further proof of the power of African-Americans.

You, as usual, has dazzled with her outfit. You have a long dress, adjusted the neck, gold in color, shiny Yousef Aljasmi. Complete with a make-up in metallic tones and orange (all in accordance with the colors that we list on his last big production, The lion king).

The dress deepened her curves, emphasized her figure, but it is not so that you more attention. So shocking, your choice of the capillaries. Decided a braid XXL. It has stripes in the middle and gathered in a braid, the totes more than your dress.

One option we have already seen, in Jennifer Lopezand thus, the risk that you might be, this length of braid to a trend, to follow soon.