Congress, Friedrich-hole Golf course and Shakira


In The light of this Friday, a red Congress, yellow for the excongresista antioquia Friedrich-hole course and green for the new video of Shakira.

6 Mar 2020 23:01From:

By desaplicados, red for the Congress. In the order of the administrative Tribunal of Antioquia, the President of the Senate, Lydisch García, and the camera, Carlos Cuenca, to a fine of five minimum wages, disregard of a guardianship.

In yellow, Federico-hole Golf course that comes back to the land, to give them a hand to President Ivan Duque. The excongresista antioquia, filed in the last few hours-reception in his resignation at the Embassy in Canada where he was confirmed 15 months, him again at The traffic light to connect the computer to the Palacio de Nariño, is the new adviser for political Affairs.

And green for something, the “like me”, the video for the song of Shakira with this name. The work in the company of the reguetonero Anuel was a few weeks ago. Only the song has more than 38 million hits on the YouTube video platform.