Demi Lovato want to kiss, Rihanna… I made him the proposal


It is clear to us that Demi Lovato not on user-defined settings in terms of their sexuality. Now, it seems that you have a fantasy with Rihanna.

The beautiful singer wants to kiss also, the singer from Barbadosthis he confessed in an interview in the the program of Ellen DeGeneres.

This was not the first time that the interpreter “Throw the blame” visited the famous program, Ellen she remembered the first visit to the Lovato chose in a game Rihanna éntrelas people with whom you want to be.

DeGeneres pointed out that Rihanna she had spoken to him already Lovato, to what the famous replied that it was so. “Not to have done. Is not good, I was insulting. She is Rihanna,” replied Lovato

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You threw a hook

After that, Demi lanzó strong offer for the bella singer Barbádos includes a cooperation. “I just want to kiss you, ok?. What’s more, together we can sing a song. Maybe we can kiss in the music video, I don’t know.”

Ellen between laughing he also said that it is very likely the interpreter “Umbrella” this time it would appear.

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