First Pole scored 5 mythical weapons in a game Fortnite. Epic him pogratulowało


It seems that one of the poles won all five mythical weapons first.

About the mythical weapons and plans for adding in Fortnite, we heard after the removal of the blade of infinity. Then Epic timid, but przyznawało, that ever used this concept.

And indeed, after several months, in 12 season mythical Version of the weapon.

All mythical weapon in a game

On Reddicie a player is their performance meeting of the six, that is praised, all the mythic versions of weapons in a game. As you can see in the Screenshot, is the Pole.


It’s a pretty big success, to the time you must spend to. Post noticed the same Epic Games that have answered:

Good Work! Could you win?

Brajker replied that, unfortunately, the last player was too good.

Well, it is. Materials to max, the best weapons, the Royal Win dopełniłoby full.

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