Gold there was in Fortnite trailer with 2 heads, but no one noticed


Epic know about the motives of the Gold from the beginning of the 2 Chapter, which you can see in the Trailer.

It turns out that the Epic needs to know exactly how the end 11 of the season will look like is already on its Start. We know it, especially through the Golden motive, the 2 parts appeared in the trailer.

No one, however, not earlier attracted the attention, some people think that it is not important at all. And yet.

The Golden motifs in the movie 2 Chapter

A few months ago, the season 11, which is similar to the Standard carrier launched. Players looking for any information reached, that you will see there, among other things, a Gold boat.


Player reaches Gold painting, showing how the should be.

According to the theory of the players, gives the painting it’s probably in the book Battle season 2, Chapter 2.

Although it has not been confirmed, it seems very likely. Gold Suite-class, at the beginning of the season could not be random. The question of what will happen next. Or to the next period card, Golden theme, or maybe it will contain, what will happen in this season?

It seems that to 20. February, no more big Updates at the end, only 3 more days to see.