Isabel Pantoja has revolutionized the networks with their similarity with Beyoncé


Isabel Pantoja has done it again. The tonadillera revolutionized social networks with a video of a recording without movement obscured by other sequins. In each publication, and remove to leave a square of the second image, see below, will be displayed to you.

In spite of that, your followers speculate about what the singer brings to it in the hand, there is something that will not remained unnoticed: Their great similarity with Beyoncé! And the is are the same. Whoever clicks the first time to the picture, certainly, if you are in front of the interpreters of the us and the Spanish.

Although yet to uncover the face, where you are, without a doubt, both of which differ from those of Isabel Pantoja, which seems to be in the publication that we have in front of Beyoncé. With curly hair and pulled back in a ponytail, the ‘tonadillera’ has to reach, she seems to be the own style of the American up to the point to sisters.


A publication released by ISABEL PANTOJA (@isabel_pantoja_martin) the

A lady that can not put aside the speculation about if the singer is just his new single. Isabel Pantoja has a letter for each publication, up to form ‘NAMÓRATE’, which-in the absence of a square, are many, the point that the last word, making it the tonadillera ‘THEN’.

Next to her, her son Kiko Rivera also some tips. what he’s up to his mother The husband of Irene has shared Rosales, is the same image, like your mother, but, Yes, with a text that is quite different. “Mom, that little is left over that you can enjoy your music!”, has written.

Some of the words that did jump all the words about the possibility that Isabel Pantoja is to return to a step on the stage. The only thing is, for the moment, of course, that the singer you might not like Beyoncé in the image you have chosen for promotion.