Jennifer Lopez and boasts her toned figure in a swimsuit and Kimberly flowers wants you to be boring


Jennifer Lopezwithout a doubt, a monument of woman, his 50-year-old superstar not anything asked to the girl 20. Today for example, suppose your toned figure in a tiny swimsuit and Kimberly flowers, you want to be boring. How will it be? What is true is that JLo is relaxed and recharged like never before.

The white steel the attention on your photo, but not as much as people with your swimsuit. Without a doubt, these fine threads, the claim that their attributes are in danger. A friend falls in love, showed so-so Jennifer Lopez, last Valentine’s day on the side of her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, without a doubt, gone are a couple of wonderful days.

Jennifer Lopez: Kimberly flowers wants you to be boring

Of course, the Guatemalan is Kimberly Floreshe also spent a romantic day at the side of her husband Edwin moon. In fact, dedicated to him a sweet message on your account of Instagram:

Thank you for making our days are always special moments, with each passing day, the United States, love and more loquitos. I love you, my accomplice, my husband, my friend, my lover, The love of my life Happy Valentine’s day, or as they say in my country, everything good for the day of love

For his part, both Jennifer Lopezas her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, told a little of his great love, cute shots of the video, the simple tenderness, melt in your trailer.

“To love and to be loved. This is happiness “. “All of you makes my heart so full, and I love you very much. Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, and Macho, are you in fact all of my biggest dreams ! wrote Jennifer Lopez.

Without a doubt, Jennifer Lopez, Kimberly Flores you have more in common than it seems, two strong women, mothers, lovers and, above all, you love the movement and keep your perfect silhouette. This time Kimberly Flores lucieron shocked a bathing suit pink with muscles well defined.

But rosa was not enough to dull the swimsuit in white Jennifer López. By the way, lucia, which, of course, with the hair pinned up and slammed Instagram. I’m not allowed to?