Jennifer Lopez covered in wet in your bathtub your body with roses


On your account of Instagram Jennifer Lopez big stir caused in their stories, then wet your urge of the body in the bathtub and the whole part of your body with a couple of roses.

The diva from the Bronx it is quite active in social networks, known throughout the world for its musictheir sculptural shape and especially by its stunning hinterland.

Currently, one hundred and thirteen million followers on Instagram, this number increases from day to day, as the interpreter “Jenny from the block”.

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In photography, the mention appears Jennifer carry your feet sticking out tinayour perfect pedicure you can appreciate how the foam and the skin of the legs, the diva of the bronx, carries in his hands two roses the oozing completely, a little water, and lather tina of what is above is a little of what you could see in the camera.

The fiancée of ex-players of the major league baseball Alex Rodriguez he also gave a picture of him, where lying on a chair, athletic figure spent.

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Alex Rodriguez | Instagram

The exbeisbolista not worn a piece of clothing none in the upper part of your body, as to his figure, which, although they no longer sport your payout will be in 2016 continue to excellent physicalso that you will probably workout in the gym, but a little bit less intense than even a few years ago.

Jennfer Lopez looks pretty in love with the photos you share, where you next to your friend, in his stories about Instagram announced a video, in the desire for a happy day Valentine’s day where, in the company of her boyfriend, and several amistadas.

Jennifer lopez | Instagram

With music in the background, one of the largest representatives of the French music of Edith Piaf, who has already managed to fall in love, thousands of people with his romantic songs.

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