John Krasinski is willing to direct films in the MCU


With the release of the A Quiet place, part II getting closer and closer, John KrasinskiActor and the Director of the film, to promote a couple of interviews, the sequel. In one of these chats with the star of the Jack Ryan and The Office he spoke to the ComicBook about the possibility of the participation in the inevitable Restart the The Fantastic Four in the WITH. This time around, the film is not limited to the role of Reed Richards, stating that I would like to direct a film in the franchise.

“(Go to the cinema Marvel Studios) the idea is pretty cool. It’s interesting, because I’m a big fan of the Marvel universe. I think they all have their own… you have a formula for the optimal“said Krasinski, say that agarraria the chance to the team of Directors of the corporation. “I have confidence in the Kevin (FigPresident of Marvel Studios). It is not only the guy is the most talented, but he is also the coolest. What he wants, and I conversaria“.

In another part of the interview, the reporter, and said Krasinski, who in the last few years, the artists of the Marvel Comics it has drawn on the Mr Fantastic feature is similar to that of the actor, as in the case of War of the worlds check it out this is the bottom, similar to what was done with the actor Samuel L. Jackson online In The Ultimate Marvel (published as Marvel Has To Stop in the United States).

I think this is part of the Marvel universe, it would be spectacular in any way, and only the fact that someone I consider a role of this size, it is amazingYou,” said the actor, reinforce that there are no talks with the studio before now. “I’ll wait to announce to Kevin Feige, what the hell is going on with this project, along with the rest of the fans“.

In addition to Krasinski and his wife, Emily Bluntin addition, the actress of your dreams, from the internet, for the living, the Invisible woman. Interestingly, the couple has a history of testing for Marvel Studios.

As Blunt as it was not the first choice to live, in both the Black widow and Peggy Carter, and the characters were, by the experienced Scarlett Johansson and Hayley Atwelleach Krasinski was one of the finalists for the live, spider-man, which ended with his old friend (and long time Fantastic four) Chris Evans.

Although there is back no timetable for the First family of Marvel comics to the big screen, Krasinski and Blunt are back in the A Quiet place, part IIthe debut on the 19.March.