Kim Kardashian wants not likes,”


In the last few years Kim Kardashian has eccentric as a celebrity. In addition to its own ‘reality’ ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ (‘The Kardashian’, in the Spanish version), has now a successful business woman with companies, which have their own dresses and beauty. Also the right is to the study of Sciences, and sucks in a few years, in the chamber of lawyers of California, the fight for the rights of migrants and support the reintegration of prisoners.

Now, the most famous among the famous sisters, a new challenge for a long time to be eliminated, the “like” in social networks. To sacrifice until she is ready, the ‘likes’ of your account of Instagram, which is to the benefit of the mental health of their followers, at the moment, more than 151 million. “I consider myself a person who is extremely strong in terms of mental health, but I know a lot of people, said who are obsessed with comments and ‘likes'”, a few days ago, at the conference ‘DealBook’, organized by the newspaper ‘New York Times’.

Delete bookmarks

It should be noted that the popular photo app Instagram announced on Friday that they will begin test, remove from bookmarks ‘like’ on a global level. Now, such users will no longer be included in the test program, including the Spaniards, how many interactions you receive, the third party content on the platform. “From today we will count our test, like private around the world. If not more is shown of the test, the number of “like” and view photos and videos published, unless they are not ours,” announced the social network owned by Facebook through his account on Twitter.. in fact. Instagram, he already began to remove in the past may these tests in seven countries: Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Japan and new Zealand, and the actions that show what viral a publication, such as “like”, and the number of views of the videos.

“I know that the team of Instagram to start conversations with a large group of people on this topic, are taken into account. And that makes me really happy,” said the celebrity.

Love hate relationship

The reality is that, since you became a mother and suffered a theft in Paris in the year 2016, the wife of Kanye West is holding a love hate relationship with the social networks: “Now, I want my own children, I think if I was on the phone and in front of the screens, what is published and what is not, and even if I publish it in real time,” she says. If the entrepreneur had had before released heist and hours where she was. And days earlier had also shown that the ring of diamonds as she wore in, a fact that you could cheer for the thieves.

“I learned from the bad experience that I lived when I steal from me, because these people knew everything about my movements. They knew what I had, where I was, what it was… and this is somehow fact, to change me setting to publish the time”, he explained in detail. And he added: “I Still want that people do not feel that he accompanied me during my trip, but the best audience for 30 minutes after recording, if already left, and in the situation, especially for the preservation of my privacy”, a practice that is not the only famous that this has begun, because of the increase in the number of thefts and harassment of famous people, many of some fans.