Miley Cyrus defends herself on Twitter and denies having cheated Liam Hemsworth


(CNN) — In a series of tweets on Thursday, Miley Cyrus told his followers that they never deceived her husband, Liam Hemsworth.

“I can accept that the life I have chosen means that I live in a very open and transparent with my fans that I love and in front of the audience 100% of the time. What I can’t agree with is that I have to say that I lie to cover a crime the did not commit. I have nothing to hide,” began Cyrus.

The separation of Hemsworth, announced on the 10th of august, after less than a year of marriage. The actor filed for divorce on Wednesday.

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Even if Cyrus was unfaithful had been in other relationships when she was younger, and to have lost the contract with Walmart through “smoke in a bong,” she says, that she was never unfaithful to Hemsworth.

“It is no secret that I fixed in my teenage years and beginning of my 20 years. I have not only smoked, but I advocate marijuana, I have to be experimented with drugs, my song so far, the most important is to dance with molly (MDMA) and vacuum lines to the toilet,” continued Cyrus.

“But the truth is that, after Liam and I reconcile, I said it seriously, and I committed. There are no secrets here. I’ve learned, all the experiences in my life. I’m not perfect, not what I want to be, it’s boring. I’m grown, and in front of you, but the important thing is that I’ve GROWN,” he wrote. “I know a lot of things, but I refuse to recognize that my marriage ended, be unfaithful. Liam and I have together for more than a decade. I’ve said it before, and still true, I love Liam, and always have what I want”.

Cyrus stated that she wanted to continue: “I had to make a decision, to leave healthy, for myself, from a previous life. I am healthy and happy in a long time. You can tell, I’m twerking, I smoke marijuana, and I’m wild, but I’m not a liar”.

“I am proud to say that I he castle, just in a different place, where I was when I was younger”,.

The former spouses married in December of last year. Hemsworth said in Instagram that you want to, that Cyrus “is nothing more than good health and happiness in the future”.