Now, in the set, wherein the narrowest¿th weekend, the first in the history of Fortnite’s World Cup! Poland wezm± udzia3 in the fight for the 30-million-Dollar-sports


Fortnite world Cup 2019 is the first and most important tournament in the history esportowy. The participants zmagañ measure± I was waiting in the three modes of the tournament – the creative, duo and solo, in which the holder of the first place, a reward in the Form of 3 million dollars. The organizers have prepared for the Fans niespodziankê in the Form of a ProAM tournament. In the mode zmagañ for influencerów, in addition to 50 most famous players Fortnite with ca3ego ¶wiata, we also see that Karl “Friza” Wi¶niewskiego, and Jacob “Jacob” Wrotniaka.

In the three player set±N bia3o-red colors± I: Jaros3aw “JarkoS” Kaleta (x-com BACK), £ukasz “gaps” king (the, and Eugene “teeq” Radzio (dynamind). All three athletes secured a Ticket for the tournament, thanks to the overcoming miêdzynarodowych Liquidation damn hard. The first fight for the 30-million-Dollar-do3±czy3 “gap”, the zdoby3 to ¿. Place in the third week zmagañ. Two weeks pó¼niej on li¶you participants of the tournament, we “JarkoSa saw”, and during the games in nine±this week, the qualification for the Polish team do3aczy3 “teequ”.

Follow along with us!

The transfer of the tournament, in which the implementation of± a state of fantasy Expo, odbêdzie you directly with one of the most professional and most advanced places training units esportowców in Europe – Esports Performance Center.

Commentators Events without a strong± Camille “Ewron” Lachowski and professional players, Drew, that the springs and devils.Are you Patrick “Taiovsky” Guilty. In the role of the experts, we player G2 Esports – Jacob “Lothar” see Szygulskiego and Domenico “Nero” D±browskiego – imagine±the talk of “Devils”.You. Transmission I odbêdzie on the channel Twitch EWROON.

Championship ¦Carport Fortnite is one of the most important wydarzeñ in the calendar of all Fans of the popular battle royale. For the occasion of the Polish transmission of Fortnite world Cup in 2019, the spectators without strong± the possibility of had± zgarn? Free Sprays prepared wydawcê games Studio, Epic Games.

A condition of the Bonus, the player will enter in the Chat following !The world Cup, according to wywo3aniu with the appropriate Code, you±cy frequency inverter, guests can give? for the receipt of a prize in the game. What’s more, thanks to the support of our partners: Logitech, G, TM Toys and publishing Insignis, Fans ¶LEDs±cy transmisjê without strong± Gaming devices, the characters with the characters from the game and the sets of manuals for Fortnite could win.

The Tournament Schedule:

  • 26.07, Pi±tek, 19:00 – Fortnite World Cup / Creative mode
  • 26.07, Pi±tek, 22:00 – ProAM tournament
  • 27.07., Saturday 19:00 – Fortnite World Cup / Duets
  • 28.07, Sunday 19:00 – Fortnite World Cup / Solo