Oh, and a total Diva! Expensive accessories from Beyonce to her new job advertising


Singer Beyonce one of the women, the most famous and most beautiful there is, and it is also the factor that with their performances in public, whether by their changes in appearance or their clothes, often the attention.

So the relevance is the dancer, who signed a few months ago a contract to have the image in a new guise of the well-known German brand Adidas, “IVY PARK”.

By all that is known, the wife of Jay-Z loves to be outdone, and as an example to the publications on your personal account of Instagram are, where you are often caused a stir with their photos

The advertising for the new line of this brand, the artist not the ones hoped for, something original and what has he done to disappoint all left with an open mouth.

The entrepreneur clothing, gold, wore nothing more and nothing less than your teeth: In one of the photos he sees, the logo is characteristic for the German company, while the other is observed, the full name of the line that starts with “IVY PARK”.

More than 142 million followers has the singer on your Instagram were astonished at this way, so original and extravagant, that they had to promote the brand.

Beyoncé the fact that Adidas have been selected to be the image is a good example of the power of attraction, you possess without doubt one of the celebrity world’s most influential artistic, and though you can’t see, so constant in front of the cameras.