Paula Fernandes turns the tables and gets a single plate for the “all”… and it is Now Flat – Notes – Glamurama


Paula Fernandes won the single plate out of the hands of the Iza / playback Instagram

Paula Fernandes make you feel a taste of victory, despite a huge amount against them. She has earned a single platinum for 1 million copies of the album sold during “Together, and it is Flat, Now, version, brasileirinha, to “Flat”, Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper. Commissioned by the choir in a much ‘no nonsense’, you also have the goal, all kinds of zoeiras turned out that the meme, and also was abandoned by a Nervous feeling that there must be a double with her on the song, not to take but then the negative effects of the choir, he chose a part in the DVD of Alice, which made him very sad, I say. But the world goes round, and while the music is Good, if you live in the post-mortem takes place, is supplied from the host-Iza, to the board of certification for Paula.

On Instagram, the country was thanked: “working Together” is the lead SINGLE from PLATINUM! I didn’t have the words to describe the love and affection that I have received from you. You have always been by my side, and I am very grateful to you for it. Our love is a giant! Let’s move in together… and it’s Shallow Now… and forever!”