Poke and Toast, inaugurated in the Villa, locks, parallel to the opening of the Coworking Whizzo


The chef, Marlon da Silva, Curikitait is you, who is responsible for the kitchen in the new Pokes-and-Toast started yesterday, the 27th, in the Rugged. Those in the project, the partners, William Fritzke, and luis Fernando Kohler, known for the house of Tsuru ‘ O Izakaya, and other hot spots in restaurants in the city. The opening has occurred, the parallel to the Whizzo “Coworking”, which also opened the doors for the night.

The sound track was by DJ Demian Moritz.

Check out the photos of the Ricardo Ranguetti who was it:

William Fritzke, Luke, Ronnie, and Mr. Luiz Fernando Kohler
Lucas de Paula, Roberto Prudencio, Anne Caroline Prudêncio, Carlos Prudencio son, and an effective system for the protection Prudêncio and Carlos Prudencio, at the opening of the Whizzo “Coworking”, and that it is in the society, the families Of Paula Prudencio
Madison Klas, and the Leo-rabbit
Carol Fischer, Ivania Tholl Fischer, Franz Fischer, Juliane Fischer-Fritzke, William Fritzke, and the baby At the Equator Fritzke
Marco Mosimann and Gustavo Barnabas
Diego Teixeira, Marianne Lazar Otto and Install Farina
William Fritzke, Maristher light Fritzke, Celso Luiz Fritzke and his Fritzke
Posted Farina, and w. t. Carminatti