premiere of the “album musical “Lover’ plans breaks


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Taylor Swift premiered in the early hours of the morning her new album musical Lover contains a total of 18 songs the potencializan messages love, peace and the battle for the rights some groups hurtbetween these, the women and the community LGBTTI.

This, his seventh product-musical, announced the past 13. June. The simply by and waiting for the 17 songs the other was You Need To Calm Down where showed their positioning for the benefit of persons from the heteronormativity.

Up to the time when the name of the singer to become trend in Twitter where the opinions of the Internet users have so far been mostly positive.

The love offers, Taylor Swift

The singer Taylor Swift published a message of love with the song Daylight where it says at the end:

I want to be defined by the things I love, not for the things I hate, I fear me, to torment half the night“.

Women, in the fight with Taylor

Also Swift he stood up against the inequality, of women, of him in his song The Man he spoke about it.

“Im so sick of running as fast as i can wondering if id get there quicker if i was a man. (I’m so sick and tired of running as fast as I can, I would be faster if you were a man)”, it says in your song.