Rihanna has something to admit


The sad reality is that, despite the rumors about a possible release in December, and the efforts of the artists, the find of time in the recording Studio on his upcoming album is not finished yet.

What do you think fans on the wait?

In June Rihanna caused a bout of hysteria among the fans, which is also in your collection of clothes Savage Fenty a t-shirt with the slogan: ‘there will be more music’. The possibility that the singer will not take another album made, on the fans crazy, in spite of all the statements he had made sure that was the recording Studio, there is still no official news on a possible release date. For us fans this is disappointing, because we want to hear new songs Rihanna soon.

Rihanna sincere in relation to their material label

In an interview, said that he is the reservation of your leisure, on your hard drive. However, have not mentioned that your next album is done, and regret to disappoint their fans with false hopes he had given them

“No matter what I do, my cds, my perfumes, my collection of lingerie or make-up: I need a good me to be a hundred percent sure what I’m doing. I’m sorry”, have recognized explanations for the portal Entertainment Tonight.

The intensive work load is determined by its facets of career, rich has led as an entrepreneur, you have to follow by it has been discarded in new projects and, subsequently, the opportunity to be a part of the middle Super Bowl the next month of February.

“I still have a whole album to the end, what to ask me Super Bowl?”, he said jokingly.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images