See the winners of the 11. Feintec of Cimol – The Overview


To be held on the afternoon of Thursday (7), and a prize-giving ceremony, the end of the 11 selected. Trade fair for Technological Innovation (Feintec). The event took place in the course of the three days in the gym and on the Cimol, on the bamboo. According to the organizers of the fair, which is also the coordinator of the project, and the Vice-rector of the school, the state, and Maria Luiza de Freitas Monteiro de Barros, the program was very positive for all involved. “We had great feedback from the assessors; it was easy to see the joy on the faces of the students and staff, all the teachers were fantastic and we are very pleased to see that it was worth it,” she said.


In the same way, the Vice-Director, Gizele Frames Olive also the commitment of the employees stressed during the work week, and that it was essential to pass for the fair. “Some reviewers have commented that you left through,” was proud of. All in all, 354 projects were submitted to the 11th Feintec, of which 30 were selected for presentation at the fair.

The Winner


Photo: Marian Halmel Publication.

The 1. Place in the axis of the experience it was the project of Classroom 2.0, the student’s Name Dulius, in the course of the Design, on the basis of the guidelines of the teacher in Israel, Candemil Hack. They also got the awards for the Integrated faculties of Taquara (Faccat) received a scholarship for post-graduate studies at the student, graduate school, teacher-to-be.

The 1. Place in the axis of the study it was for a project for the improvement of the tourist potential of the São Francisco de Paula, a student of Ryder Zangali Blas, under the guidance of the teacher in Israel, Candemil Hack.

The 1. Place in the axis of the Technological Innovation he stayed with the project for the application of the self-defence of women, the young Brenda dos Santos-Pujol, Giovana Irassochio President, their victory, However, in the course of computer science. They were guided by the teacher, Valquiria de Carla Alves. The work has also received The 1. Place Award Mostratecwho was granted a passport by the group to the trade fair by the year 2020.

The 1 spot on the shaft, the Industrial Innovation it was for a project for the Recycling of waste in the industry, so that the young woman Pollyanna Argentina Frohlich, of course, chemistry. It was headed by professor Gustavo Thomas Lauck. In addition to this, the work of the Pollyanna also took the Premium Credential Of The International Year 2020. So, it is the student Cimol received a scholarship for the study of technology and the other is a KNN.

The Award-Feevale it was a course for a project in the application help in the education of autistic children, pupils, students, William Junior, Machado, and Ramiro Silva de Souza, from the computer science. They were supervised by professor James Ulrich Beneditto. Both the students and teachers each received a scholarship in each of the courses for students and post-graduate courses for teachers).

The The 2. Place Award Mostratec he stayed with the project, orthotics, orthopaedic the 3D printer, the students, and Gabriel produced da Silva, Kazakevicius and Nicolas, Luis, Machado, and in the course of mechanical engineering. They were guided by the teacher, Mark, Eugene Frozza, and received a ticket for the fair, for the year 2020.

Elected by popular vote on Facebook, the The design of the forum it was in the prosthetics for the animal printed 3D student, Pablo, Gabriel Oliveira and Pablo by The tree, Jun., and Ryam, Luke Smith, in the course of mechanical engineering. They learned from their teacher, Daniel de Souza Rocha.