Shakira presents the new challenge in the fashion: #champeta challenge | Today


If you thought that the phenomenon of Super Bowl she was all changed, I was wrong! The show Shakira and Jennifer Lopez furthermore, news is, the world is still amazed by the experience of the last Sunday in the final of the NFL. After the styling of the protagonists is analysed, the responses of all celebs on the show, and even you have seen the minutes prior to the performance on the stage JLonow the challenge comes, dance to latin Super Bowl!

Shakira was the forerunner of a new challenge the on the name with the name of the dance that is typical of afro-Caribbean, with the views of the Super Bowl: the champeta. A discipline that the singer himself was not an expert and let them teach Liza dancer for 18 years, he presented with pride about their stories of Instagram and who also has a tutorial that has been released on YouTube for all who want to learn. The young teacher, of course, was the excitement and said in several interviews: “I-teacher Shakira! I am a girl super-modest. Everything comes in due time. God has given me this wonderful opportunity.”

Everything points to the fact that the fans of the Colombian were to work with the #Champeta challenge,, the own Shakira uploaded, a large number of videos to your social networks, the most courageous, the daring, test your feet, almost all TikTok. A challenge is not suitable for dummies, the Spiderman wanted to participate.

Yes, the first one has rather a good example of this is the your own was Shakirawho is in the video-so it seemed to be opened #Champeta challenge began to dance to the whole team, from the CEO to the cameras. An initiative clapped by some of their countrymen as a Carlos Vives.

A dance conquered the whole world, thanks to its almost 30-seconds-presence of recovery, the end of american football, and who knows, if you back the global trend, after he is rescued Shakira since the most modest of Colombia. How can you dare to try?