So, Kylie Jenner is responding to the haters that tease your feet


Kylie Jenner finally, he declared that the toes your feet you see so rarely…

Kylie is enjoying an incredible vacation in the Bahamas, and to show how good the los is, shared them on Instagram a series of photos next to her sister Kendall Jenner, and lights for a stroke in their amazing bikinis, there was a detail that particularly attracted the attention of the fans.

Is that the fans noticed that on the last picture that the fingers of the feet of Kylie Jenner super strange to see how the finger looks to be in the middle of a lot shorter than the other.

After reading several similar comments, in which the haters teasing her feetOh, Kylie decided to break the silence and explain why your feet look like this, from strangers:

All want to come, criticize the fingers of my feet. By the way, I have a pair of feet cute! I broke the finger of the medium in the school and little you can do with a broken finger, so she had to heal, as I wanted to, that she would be healed. If flexiono so according to above, this junker to leave the place. This video is good rare“ Said Kylie in their stories of Instagram.


This is not the first time that Kylie defends your feet against the ridicule of the haters, while in the past year, the haters mocked, this part of the body of the star in a photo, and answered them: “Leave you in peace, my toes”.

What do you think of the statement of Kylie?

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