Taylor Swift surprised her fans to an exclusive concert in Paris


To act after eight years, without, in France, Taylor Swift presented on Monday, may 9. september 2019, the last album, ‘Lover’, in a concert intimate in the legendary The Olympia theatre in Paris, a stage on which some of the actions that the popular music.

In a event that could only access invitation or competition it 2 000 came around fans the, as you yourself said at the concert in 37 different countries.

“I wanted to celebrate something else this time publication of Lover, I love wanted to be celebrating with you,” said Swift in her appearance.

The artist decided to interpret, for the first time, some of the issues of the new hard driveafter they realized that the way in which the he composedwithout further accompaniment, his voice and an instrument.

He sang the guitar Cornelia Street, or The Man, followed by a version on piano of Daylight.

It was also time old songsas a result, the fame, Love Story, was coreada word-for-word from a supplied publicor some newer, like Blank Space or Shake it off, dance, everything auditorium.

Swift interacted with the audience between the theme and the topic, explain the context, the songs and throws an error message equality in love, especially in relation to the LGBT community, with which it engages a lot.

Video: YouTube account: Taylor Swift

‘Lover’ is the seventh studio album the ‘princess of pop’ that he is the number one in the United States in its first week in the lists of the Billboard charts.

Swift is since 15 years in the world of music and has a tint of country genre with which they were, to a pop-commercial gradually, and the same essence that accompanies it has seven discs.