The MP and the OAB to point to the chaos in the chains of mining, and the fear of rebellion


To be pointed out to the facilities, the situation of political prisoners and Antonio Dutra, the road, in the city of Ribeirão das Neves is one of the most serious, and the violence of the agents, dirt, dust, and overcrowding are some of the questions that

Overcrowding, lack of prison guards, and reports of serious human rights violations. This chaos is what we live to 2400 men and women who are incarcerated, in prison, Antonio Dutra street, in the city of Ribeirão das Neves, in the Metropolitan region of the capital, in the opinion of the Commission on Affairs of the Peniténciários of the Brazilian bar Association, state of minas gerais. According to the Agency, the project was to house, in the most 1.163 prisoners.

The assistant secretary general of the European Commission, the edd file and also the organizer of the human rights of the city, Carlos Eduardo Ferreira Pinto, on the situation in the unit is alarming, and the fear is that the scenario is expected to grow to riots and unrest.

On Monday (6), lime submitted to the competent authorities a notification letter describes the situation of the political prisoners.

“We do not want the situation to light on the scene of a riot, as the bus burned, but I need to do something urgently. The legal system of the state is in chaos,” warns the lawyer.

Among the questions are constados on the Commission’s visit on the last Saturday of the unit: to a lot of junk spread out in some areas, the violence and the humiliation, in the hour of the sun, and in the examination of the cells.

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In the time of the sun, and the occupants are reduced by a very small footprint, without able to have a look on the face of the agent, forming a corridor, the Polish and the abuse of the prisoners, which reportedly belongs to us,” explained the file.


The Prosecutor’s office had already confirmed that previously the scenario is precarious in the hours newspaper, and the other two chains in the city – the prison-inspector Joseph Martin Drummond of the prison, José Maria Alkimim. The MPMG can drastic measures.

“Let’s go back for a check-up this month. However, we think about fire, the Ministry of justice (in Brasilia), for the intervention of the Federal government. Our fear is that the situation could lead to a revolt, who is in a prison of this size, it is the announcement of a new tragedy”, and look at it.

What it is, the government says

Already the Secretary of state for justice and the Public security have denied that the prisoners outside in the sun. The folder, to ensure that when you receive formal complaints of ill-treatment, are opened, the administrative procedures. In the case of the alleged physical abuse, the detainee is referred for a medical examination.

The Secretariat added that any person may make a complaint for the number 162.

The cell phone is confiscated, the supplies in a truck, food

During the inspection, yesterday morning, officers of the prison, Antonio Dutra Ladeira, they found a cell phone in the cab of the truck, was the institution providing the food (Breakfast). After the Sejusp the device and the driver were at the police station, the police had taken.

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Gay and lesbian people and psychiatric patients

The Sejusp reported that in the prison, four prisoners, gay and lesbian people in the industry, is separated, and has asked you to transfer to a community-specific in the prison the teacher, Jason Soares de Albergaria, in São Joaquim de Bicas. The prisoners, psychiatric patients are stable and are often visited.

A Mini-interview

Andre Luiz Lima, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, members of the Brazilian bar Association, state of minas gerais.

What is the current state of the prison in presidente Dutra Ladeira?

The facility is dirty. In addition to this, the prisoners, the avoidance of the sun, because of the violence (physical and psychological) on the part of all involved. On a tour of the unit, we have found some of the prisoners, for signs of injury.

There are prisoners that is not in this type of unit is it?

We recognize that there are LGBT people in the unit, prisoners with mental stress, and also. These inmates should be in specialized units. In the prison, for security reasons, and they are in areas that are isolated, and are likely to visit your rights deprived and enjoy the sun.

How many inmates in the prison?

There are 2,400 inmates of the Dutra Ladeira for 376 players. But it would be the 760’s agents at work.