The mystery is over! Kylie Jenner showed, where is happening an exotic vacation


Kylie Jenner it is one of the entrepreneurs, young and successful in the world. And as such, not even for a second, hesitating, in an incredible vacation.

A few weeks ago, the influencer a photo published of her in his private plane. However, it is never specified where he turned.

Days later, the brunette together images for you in a Paradise beach with swimwear, a Revelator, and look very relaxed. But the place remained a mystery.

Yesterday, the 22-year-old the location of your luxury travel-the stress was finally. And his supporters enthusiastic.

It shows that the daughter of Kris Jenner nothing more and nothing less than in the Bahamas. And staying in a villa is very expensive!

Kylie he decided to go on an all-or-nothing. And rented an apartment with six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. All this for the price of 10 thousand us dollars per night.

But for Jenner nothing seems to be enough, because in addition to the expenses of the rent and flights completed in the night for exclusive parties and banquets spectacular. What a trip!