The new album from Katy Perry’s music, with “very good things” |


What you are reading. Katy Perry tomorrow is the sixth studio album starts soon, what do you expect. After the release of their new single Never Really Overthe artist is also preparing a new repertoire, feel it in the charts.

And although Ted Cockle, President of the record company, EMI, has taken it to overtake you, what we of this new project. “We have the theme and think of how wonderful that this song of the artillery of Katy Perry. Is fun and masterfully entertaining. Was able to come, a few weeks ago and hang out with people, touch the songs and other topics, as well as to convey to the trust, is not something only for a moment. There’s a lot of good things,” said Music Week.

“The album will come when they come”he added. This led to a real flood of comments on social networks, to listen to their followers die, what is your favorite artist.

Never Really Over came on last 31. may be uploaded with the rhythms of pop, Scandinavian, and a video clip of choreographies, pictures little surreal and landscape, much of the landscape. But everything indicates that this is part of what has prepared Perry for us.

And it does, from one of its worst phases of music. In 2017 released his album Witnesswith about 74,000 units sold. In comparison to the 468.000-selling albums with Prism and the million with Teenage Dreamthis meant a real bump.

Now, the interpreter Black Horse is ready to recover, and what is the best way to start a new topic?

Although it is still unknown the title of KP6 is, its followers are a clear announcement in social networks. So get ready, because Katy has brought the whole of their artillery.