The union of death, as well as literature, and the carnival has? to be a Good success and a great novel· The news on TV


A good result has come to an end with a performance, and so was able, the pace of the house during the time he was in the air, the band of seven in the world. More than that, it seemed, in an unusual mixture of death, in the literature, and thus it is possible to submit a story, simply, a better, understanding.

To burn in honor of the genre, a Good success, proving that Americans still have a lot of wood. The simplicity of the composition, the characters, the direction, and the birthplace of the important message of the assessment of life, that the history is gone, has found it even more power in our minds to the text, Paulo, Halm, and Rosane Svartman.

The authors dealt with a sensitive issue such as the death of a light, a message that is positive, and is inserted in the mixture of carnival and bring joy to the course of the Installation (Grazi Massafera) and Alberto (Antonio Fagundes).

A good hit is not dodged, controversy, opens up space for diversity, spoke openly for the first time in the company, and even fun made of the phrases, and incongruous so-called by the President of Jair, jair bolsonaro, and in the nonsense perpetrated by the villain, David (Armando Babaioff).

David, in fact, that was one of the greatest successes in the history: are you an artist who knew how to integrate all the elements of cynicism, arrogance and vanity, without sacrificing the tone, and set it Babaioff to the next level of your career. A double bill with Jean (Sheron Menezzes) will also work from the very first scene of the two of them.

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The aid, which, by the way, it was something that was left in the history of Peter (John the Brave), and Sofia, Valentina Vieira), the child prodigies, and Paloma and Alberto are just two examples of the duos that worked perfectly. The cast is not very good, I have a single one of them derrapada, and even the smaller actors (Marisa Orth, Marcelo Faria, Angela Vieira) have helped to improve the story in moments in time.

The only thing that had but said, a small crease –honestly– at the time of the accident, and Isabella (Giovanni Coimbra, portugal) and the drama of the blood, by the father’s bad character. The piece has only sinned for a period of a little more than what is necessary. On the other hand, it has also served to inject a lot of action on the romantic Comedy.

In the end, the only one of the seven consecrated Grazielli Massafera as the star of the first team in the world. The scene with Paloma and Alberto’s ride at the carnival, it was apoteótica on the face. To made taken on the streets of 2019 at the latest, the following is clear that the service has been already found, in the tone of her character before the novel goes live.

By the end of the story already work there for a week, together with the results of the supporting players on an individual basis.

Not surprisingly, and similar to the novel as a whole, and the Chapter on the final touched him, but he escaped and from the clichés of the genre: it was a kidnapping (of the flash, but it had), the pregnancy, the marriage in question, it is true), and also the moments on The journey (1994), with Cecilia (Ana Lúcia Torre), what about Alberto’s death, the hallucinations of David on the chain, and the well-written dialogue between the Install and the publisher.

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It lacked only an explanation of how David and she was able to escape the fire. Every man for himself, with the replacement of the track is very awkward to have the audience won over by the old one. At this time, the level of demand for quality is high. Good success has done so much and has made it beautiful.

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