This is the strict diet Beyoncé for her show in Coachella followed


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In the past year, the singer has Beyoncé (37 years old) formed history of the Coachella Festivals with one of the concerts of the amazing festival. To be able to you realize, the singer was always ready physically and mentally for several months, to the point, she has carried out a strict diet, during 44 days.


Trailer of the documentary film ‘Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce’ on Netflix.

Beyoncé of the most important artists of the Festival Coachella in 2017, but the pregnancy of her twins was, Sir and Rumi, she had to cancel their support. A year later, the singer was, it was clear that I cost aboard this scenario, what it will cost.

“Good day to you, are the 5:00 o’clock in the morning and this is the first day of exams for Coachella,” he begins the video posted, the artist, where you will see your feet in front of a scale. “The nightmare of every woman … This is my weight is 79 kg. It is a long way,” says Beyonce to weigh in.

“I’m back on the stage after the birth of the twins. I’m feeling a woman, that his body is not him”, more. The singer insured, who came, in spite of 98 kg, after the birth of her twins, and as they began their preparation for Coachella, only had passed, eight months after the birth and already had more than 20 kilograms.

Beyoncé followed a strict diet for Coachella 2018.

Beyoncé followed a strict diet for Coachella 2018.

During the entire video looks like Beyoncé works, your fitness and your diet with your personal coach, Marco Borgesthe Creator of the diet, the 22 days, nutritious, same diet, that the singer remained during 44 days. The pop singer explains in the video, what it in the diet: “From now on, I’m a hundred percent on the basis of plants, up to Coachella”.

Is to create need 21 days to a habit upon arrival on day 22 of the habit is already formed, and the body has gotten used to him. This is the purpose of this diet, create a healthy habit that you in the long run.

The plan of eat, organic, healthy, and natural, consists of fruits, vegetables and seeds in the form of shakes, purees, salads, soups and wok. “We know the power of vegetables,” explains Borges. “It’s a diet based on plants, trying to remove all the food, not overly processed, which is not we do well. When eating plants, fruit and vegetables, you get detoxified more energy and your body the bad toxins”.

In the video, and how to paint your coach, it seems easy, but Beyoncé admits that it was a hard work and at the end, cross a line, the crossing would not have. The singer had a daily routine of exercises, massage and choreographies, for Coachella, while in his spare time, took care of their three little ones. “Losing weight was so much easier, the explained back in shape, and feel comfortable with my body,” she said.

The show of Beyoncé is regarded as one of the best concerts in the history of Coachella.

The show of Beyoncé is regarded as one of the best concerts in the history of Coachella.

“To meet my goal, I do not confine me eat bread, or carbs, or sugar, no dairy, no meat, no seafood, no alcohol… And I’m hungry!”, the singer says while eating a bowl of salad. Finally, the 44 days of preparation gave their fruit. Beyoncé took the stage and made one of the best concerts of his career and the history of Coachella. The singer reached the ideal weight, in shape and found them to be comfortable and safe on the stage.

However, after this highly-anticipated show Beyoncé is clear that he could not return to do something like that. “Just trying to find a way to compensate for the fact that a mother of a girl of six years, and the twins, who need me constantly, and once the work is with myself, with my body,” explains at the end of the video.

This intensive, 44 days, and finally the singer plunge into a status of nerves and lack of control they came to cause muscle tremors and you had a psychological. Beyoncé was not the feeling of connection between body and soul, and only want to be with their children. “It’s not like earlier, when he samples for 15 hours without interruption. Now I have children. I have a man. I have the care of my body. I pushed him further and further away from what you really could. I learned a valuable lesson. Never, I will never so far again”.

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