To light the VIDEO of the singer comes from, as pulled


In this 2020, Shakira the protagonist for several of the headlines was after his successful participation in the Super Bowl LIV, but this was not always so, as the Colombian posed with very little clothing, which at the beginning of their career.

In social networks a video is circulating in the, the meeting of images, which Shakira he picked up where he left off very little imagination, and put Thong.

Shakira in the telenovelas 1994

It was in the year 1994, when the interpreter Anthology he won the award for The Best Cola in Colombia and then he posed in a magazine, where she moved away, and consented to their fans posing in their underwear.

Though Shakira was not quite agree, posing is so sensual, the singer decided that several women had already made and also in this time, he was in the promotion of the telenovela Oasis where was one of the protagonists.

Shakira changed much

In the video of the photo driving session you can see how a Shakira quite different physically to what we currently know.

Because in front of 25 years the Colombian in had a waist, which is so marked, the hair, the abundant color black, eyebrows populated dark and with a few kilos of other.

By: Editorial Digital Herald Mexico