Why Katy Perry doesn’t buy Christmas gifts for your family


The singer Katy Perry does not have to break too much head thinking what to buy everyone for your love at this time, to show you how much they are appreciated, and shares the step, a small part of his fortune with you personally. Instead, the pop star will invite prefer, make your case and accompany you to any destination in the world can happen to ten days under one roof.

“Adults do not receive gifts because we are on holiday together. It is the best gift of all. We are in a new place, and we forget the diets to eat like crazy. Each year we choose a different location: last Christmas we were in Hawaii, and this time, we still go to the snow for a bit of change, and best of all, we recommend you to go skiing. Personally, I prefer snowboarding”has revealed in an interview with People.

The main attraction of this tradition vary, but you can call votes in the hallway to your mother or discuss it with your brothers when you were little: “We are nervous of each other and we love each other very much… we are the typical family,” he said.

By 2020, it is expected that Katy you spend finally the altar with her fiance Orlando Bloom according to claim link already once.

“In my case, what I really want, is to learn to use my life and continue to search for the balance. There are many wonderful things in my immediate future, personal things, for which I am very excited. For example, my own notion of family”has been recognized.