You think about Rihanna, sitting in the head?


If you want something embossed Rihanna since he worldwide fame In 2008, with the theme Umbrellawas constant presence in the media communication, your the usual provocationstheir not-so-sporadically scandals and a unique personality power irresistible for thousands of fans every consequences of their steps.

Today away from dramas and eccentricities for some time now, the Caribbean is two years of relationship with the billionaire Hassan Jameel and has the singer richest in the world thanks to the management as brand of make-up or to forgo economic returns image for advertising campaigns.

Breaks his silence

Rihanna revealed in an interview that he, by the altar and form a family with his partner

In, what a distance it seems, 2009the of Rihanna Chris Brown it was a relationship toxic with a at the end of to see the change in the memory of millions of people, after the pictures after a brutal assault the singer was in the hands of the rapper on the night before the Grammys.

From this turning pointall bride advertising the artists have shined through his discretion and the the absence of explanations about the people who are gone, occupy the heart of the diva, as the U.S. athletes Matt Kemp, the singer Drake or the actor Leonardo DiCapriohow rumoréo for months.

Drake and Rihanna in the video for 'Work'

Drake and Rihanna in the video for ‘Work’

Now she has decided to break this rule wrote a few words dedicated to the media, he does not exclude your current partner, with the you can spend the altar and to start a family.

In an interview with your partner for filming in Ocean’s Eight
Sarah Paulsonis , has to do with the authority that, a few more questions, the direct, has to be declared by Barbados without a doubt love Jameel,, with whom could get married soon although she didn’t want to have to be more specific in this part: “Only God knows, whether it is. We what we are planning and he laughs, I?”.

The eternal question on a future maternity, that can be answered normally directly after the wedding, Rihanna has want to become a mother more than anything else in the world“there is a great relationship with children, especially her cousin, the little Majesty, who might already have started to practice their skills as a mother.

Although his life is still extremely hecticthe singer says that he decided to you pay more even in this last phase of her life: “In the last two years, I start to realize that she depends on in order to have more time for yourself, for your mental health it. If you’re not happy, you will not be happy, not even the things you love (…) My career is my goal, and the feeling that something is different in a happy place should never.

New approach

Rihanna supported in the last two years, she decided to indulge, since he wants his career to a “happy place”

Now, with a perspective is crucial quite different and centered in your wellnessin his partnerin his brand and in a album on the way, Rihanna proves that Yes, you can have it all: lucka life ‘quiet‘a a career to be envied to do what you like, and the dreams, could you have every young woman of 31 years.