10 years ago, Beyoncé, the trends in the hair, you are to ALL sides: to make Glitter hair forecast!


Beyoncé is one of the icons fashion and beauty larger in the middle (and not in vain it is one of the most powerful women in the world). However, who would have thought that we would be ten years ago, a track the trend in the hair that, by 2020, will govern?

So it is: 2010 Beyoncé vista was on the red carpet of the Grammy with a look, super nude, with makeup, of course, great… but what was was that there were some brilliant flashes in her hair. Ten years later, is now the tendency, you see, on all sides.

now the glitter on all sides (literally), of course you will find in the hair is no exception. However, far from it in the type of gel or brillitos” what we have now for our viewing pleasure, the extensions are glitter for the hair.

Just as it is! Now you can show strands with glitter make your hair look absolutely incredible. Puedea not combined with a beauty look that is natural, to steal the light in this accessory. And the best part is that you can combine with your shade to the hair or even the risk a little and opt for combinations rainbow.