Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to agree to, at the castle


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still in negotiations and the economic and you want to come to an agreement as soon as possible, so your long and complex process of divorce, ending she reveals to the magazine OK!

By the end of 2016, a court declared officially married, but the economy is still in the game, which is why she was a ” judge in private, they will be paid for by you, and they will help you to find out what has not been solved.

According to the publication, the most important question in relation to the division of property what is not in the mountains, the couple come to an agreement on the Chatêau de Miraval with wine and the sale of a variety of white and red wines produced in the lands around the castle, which they bought in France, where she spent the largest part of your relationship is, and have six children.

A source for the tabloid explains that the actors want to be with him, to move on with your life

“It can be argued that this negotiation will end in the near future, and your children benefit the most from, and much of Angelina and Brad made sure that you would give anything for you to fix this as quickly as possible.”. it justifies the individual.

The property is located in France, and it includes a vineyard, whose management is shared by the two actors of the same sentiments to share. Brad Pitt is a very dangerous place, and therefore, you will not want to miss.

Located on the French town of Correns, this winery is the account of 1,000 acres, 35 rooms and a heliport. It is a farm, surrounded by vineyards, where the couple lived sporadically since I bought it in 2008. It was there that they celebrated their marriage in the year 2014.