Angelina Jolie relies on their search for a new love to cook


Angelina Jolie is available to love you. However, the actress and the 44-year-old believes that since he split with Brad Pitt, 56, is, that men shun it, because they are too scary.

After four years, the single, is determined to have this situation around, no matter what the cost.

According to the magazine, ‘N’, Angelina Jolie is ready to attack the methods of the esoteric, to find love.

“You started by you readers know a look at psychic and tarot-cards-what will the future hold. If that doesn’t work, he decided to turn to the magic of the crystals and the love spell to a friend”a source close to the actress, which will be published reveals.

“They played with the situation, and say that they had done things far more stupid in love. Now it is limited to the use of honey and scented candles”he adds , based on the drop-down, which Jolie wore to the neck, when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton (2000-2003), and that is to contain the blood of the actor.