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Angelina Jolie || Credits: Play

Until June 2017, when it celebrated its first birthday after the separation of Brad Pitt, and also a debate in the court, with the actor’s custody of the children, and Angelina Jolie ‘ s “if it is” a gift of a Villa for US$ 24.5 million euros (95 million USD), the Los Angeles times, the original owner of the legendary producer Cecil B. DeMille, one of the founding fathers of the American cinema.

And it seems the actress is that a full 44 of the spring on Tuesday with a surface area of 24, he decided on a time for a treatment, the real-estate for the celebration of the new time, because you had to rent a hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and one in which you want to live, temporarily, in the past, during the filming of the scenes for his new Film, “Those who Want Me dead.”

Over the years, Angie has always made it a point that your real estate portfolio without worrying too much about the border, and, curiously enough, also, that you had a great time, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. In the following, Glamurama some of the features instead of around the world, the star of the most dazzling Hollywood, whose assets of US$ go to 160 million (USD 620,2 million and will allow you to to the shop to be quiet and so on…

In the house of Angie in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA – | | Credits: Play

Located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA, the newest in the residence of the diamond, was built in 1913 by the DeMille-style “Hollywood classics”. The actress bought it, when the complicated process of divorce, what to do with the Interview on justice, dominated the headlines in the business-type gate is closed, that is to say, with the furniture, and the like are included. What she has on this case, and it was occupied in the size of the country, the property of the more than 8 thousand square meters and it is located in a gated community is sufficient to make it inaccessible to the enemies.

The address in london, in the show || Credits: Play

In addition, she teaches occasionally at the London School of Economics and enjoy the time in London, and Jolie purchased in year 2014 and along with Pitt, is a historical one, but a hundred percent adapted to the modern life of $ 16 million (Us$ 62.2 million) is in Richmond, a village on the rich, located on the outskirts of the capital city of england. Prior to that she and her then-were man on the rental of the property for$ 50 thousand to R$ 193,8 thousand) per month in 2011, even if I rarely have a pint in the local. If the two are divorced, the address is in london, it ended up being the actress, which remains to this day.

The possession of the castle, a gap between Jolie and Pitt is now, | | Credits: Play

Here is a further property is that Jolie and Pitt arremataram together, this time in France, more precisely in the South of the country and in Europe. The ex-couple has in one of his several honeymoons, and don’t have to think twice to buy it as soon as they heard it was for sale. More than just a pied-à-terre in France, Château Miraval, has wine, old, produces excellent wine, which is why you have decided to transform the castle into a business in which the partners in equal parts, bien sûr.

Of course, she also has an apartment in the Big Apple, isn’t he? || Credits: Play

Jolie is also a lease for years, an apartment in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York city who spends, in the amount of 100 million US dollars (Us$ 387,6 million) per month. The actress preferred to the high cost, you have a point, in the Big Apple for one simple reason: she hates the hotels, where it is besieged and taken by the staff and the fans, it is user friendly. Placed on 50th street, the Waldorf Towers (as is commonly known, is a building of a high-end luxury, of course, and it also has the advantage of being only a few steps from the headquarters of the United Nations in new york, where its most famous residents is getting what you need in order to defend the country at the time. (For The Anderson’s market)