Anne Hathaway defends well, Jennifer Lawrence, and it is criticised for being too


Actress Anne Hathaway has decided to write an open letter in defense of his professional colleague, Jennifer Lawrence, in the last week, it was the target of the criticism for esbravejar with a counter to a reporter in an interview after the Golden Globe awards. On his page in Facebook, actress In The Civil War he asked all of them, for the punishment of the girl, the beautiful, talented, popular, and NOMINATED FOUR TIMES for an OSCAR”, she made a point of noting, in a box, the relevance of Jennifer’s youth in the world. But you managed to make it worse, the image of the partner, and to receive the messages condemning his / her position.

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To remember what had happened in the last 10 days, after he won the most with a Golden Globe award, Jennifer took part in a press conference to talk about the award. One of the journalists that tried to speak with the actress, and was promptly stopped by her in public, due to the fact that he reads the question on the screen of your mobile phone. “You can phone your life on the back of your mobile. You can’t do that, you have life, at the moment,” said Jennifer. The next year, so he apologized and followed up with a question of how you saw the night of the academy awards. The answer was good: “We are at the Golden Globe awards. If you largasse to your phone, you would not know it.”

In its opinion, on the internet, she claimed that she was a joke and sarcastic. The actress also said that the journalist was on the phone a photo of a friend, and not to the question in English, because it increases the possibility of him not as an American. The explanation does not convince, however, the part of her followers on the social networking site. “To be nominated for an Oscar, is not a justification for being rude,” she says of the comments. A fan wrote, “sometimes you have an apology and move on, because it’s a big narcissist seems”. Another message asked, “So up to four times nominated for an Oscar, is a she is such a kind of privilege?”. Apparently Anne Hathaway thinks so.


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