‘Anne with an’ and you have the plot of the century 19, but atualssima


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“In a perfect cemitrio de esperanas in the ground.” “You go on a call.” “Great words needed to Express the big ideas.” “O, we can do our best, no matter what you know or not.” “If I want to, I can go play? Why should we wait for the boys?” “Broken things have a beauty that is sad and it may be the most romnticas do something that you have never experienced a thing.” J the hurt feelings of some, to the point, it is in the power of love?”

You j-you heard of Anne with an e? The thoughts, the above mentioned belong to the rf, with Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty), the protagonist of this series, whose second season was lanada in July for Netflix. The story of a brave girl, romntica, and resolute, a symbol of canadian culture. Taken, to go by the error for a couple, for singles and the elderly – Marilla (Geraldine James) and Matthew Cuthbert (R. H. Thomson), to help that in fact he wanted a boy, with the tasks on the farm, she shows that she is a girl full of a imaginao e from the company from the end of the century, 19 and in their dealings with the social.

Although it plays in the 19th century, the number is more than the present, when it comes to feminism, adoo, bullying, prejudice, and the definition of family, all of the topics that the width of the trajetria world. The production of adaptao of the best-selling color biogrficas Anne of Green Gables ” by Lucy Maud Montgomery (1908), had me lost before the age of 2 years old, and grew up with the grandparents of the mother, because the father is rejected. At the age of 7 years, no one moves to the district, the region of the prairies in Canada, where a training period that is, and s alvio together with your friends imaginrios. As an adult, it forms in the literature and in the New Esccia.

A Drama, a fantasy, a good dose of laughter, and the lyrics, exaltao and reading books, adventure, relaes humanas, a photo of a beautiful and glida, and in the same time (after all, she lives in Canada), the number of those who reach through the media and by the rules.

Anne also describes the adoo. It shows you how you can suffer to live in a shelter (it is like hell with all the other children, and the elderly), as adopted by the wrong people, and be mistreated, exploited and sent back to you. You will experience the pain of abandonment and the rejeio and feel of the membership. He stressed that the fight must, in order to belong, to make friends, be accepted, have to be in front of any kind of prejudice.

With red hair, big blue eyes and lots of freckles, she is charming. She sees the reality in a certain way – lcd-business and long-suffering. To confirm the presence of the host that makes the rules in the history of the women. Also, it slows down and hinders in your. Avanam a few people.

The first season had to deny a seven-episdios, three less than the second, which brings even more reasons to follow the adventures of Anne Shirey to go to the station to the Church. Don’t talk, now, Anne, lives in another state. The adoo, and the realization of a nursing home is a reality, and she loved to go for us, but nothing in his life simple and quiet for a while. To get more adventures, and to his hut in the forest, the retreat is the best place to hide, let the imaginao to fly. H a lot of histrias, where all the characters lie. The responsible doubt on the script by Moira Walley-Beckett, “Breaking bad” to work among his papers, and here, in a team -, women -, and the throws even more light on the discussion of feminism.