As the daughter of Lucifer copy Beyoncé?


Find out how the fame, all the attention in social networks.

UNITED STATES, California. – The range of social networks could be the followers of celebrities, aware of each of your incursions in the world of entertainment. An example of this was made the video viral, the interpretation of the daughter of the more famous Mexican celebrity, Lucero, in the acceptance of the artistic heritage of the family was emphasized.

Although the audio-visual material was in the year 2018, some of the users in the social networks is introduced, and the strategies for the dissemination of content to enable it, the images in which is perceived, the daughter of Manuel Mijares, Mexico city, as it is an interpretation of the dance with the musical background of award-winning American celebrity Beyoncé.

The imitation of the artist of the “Halo”, immediately got a large number of searches in social networks and managed to capture millions of replicas. And is that in the scenes of the material, the boy managed, the attention for the fact of the execution of the choreography, musical theme ‘Single Ladies’ was one of the events with a celebration of the students.

And the dance scenes were not that took all the comments to the video, on the contrary, was the reaction of the representatives of the child and the artist ‘To hold’who drew attention to the fact that he celebrated the presentation that while the registrar of the images, and responded with applause.

For his part, was Lucifer, who has not official stopped receiving messages in social networks, your fans underlined the interest to continue in the enjoyment of entertainment content for her daughter, who already qualified through the magazine ¡HOLA! as “successful”, by “specific talent of your mother, and tell, with one voice, framed by a great talent,” said the medium.