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The American singer Beyoncé surprised, posing in a supermarket in the Peruvian lemonade Inca Kola. The publication of this image was from the fashion magazine “Elle”. The photograph is part of the first edition, the up to 2020 for the Elle magazine in the editions for Canada and the Usa.

A publication in Instagramprestigious magazine announced the collaboration Beyoncé in the fight against the criticism they receive due to their physical tells.

“The last time I went to a supermarket, it was more like a basement in front of a Madonna concert. Jay and I, we went to one in Crenshaw and we buy some chips from Raven, and Funyuns. And … you know, that you see me in Target and I see that try to sneak photos “. @Beyonce responds to the pressing issues of the #Beyhive for the January issue of 2020 ELLE,” explains the publication on Instagram.

On the other hand, the official account of Inca Kola has responded to the publication of the magazine. “More and more, and unique,” they wrote.

The photo session is under the direction of the Director of the Queen & Slim, Melina Matsoukas, and show Beyonce in a variety of public facilities such as a Laundry service, a hairdresser’s or a shopping center.

It is in a shopping centre, that of the interpreter ‘Single Ladies’ on posing right next to the well-known gaseous Peruvian and drinks.

It is still not known whether it is a case of the on-site advertising, but the photography part of the section “ask me anything” by the magazine “Elle”.

Inca Kola is responding to the publication of the magazine
Inca Kola is responding to the publication of the magazine “Elle”. (Screenshot)


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