Beyoncé sets the curves effect with leggings in session


Beyoncé a photo session for the promotion of the partnership between your brand Ivy Park and the giant, sportswear, Adidas.

On the pictures of the recently unveiled, you can see the singer wearing sporty ensemble cherry color, the fit significant curves.

The look he set consists of leggings with panels transparent and ribbons, orange.


Photo: The Grosby Group

Entrepreneur, 38 years old, and she made a show of their talents as a model, dressed, with crop top asymmetric with the same tones, tennis Adidas to the game.

She posed in front of the camera, a face without make-up: lips nudedetails tanned and eyebrow bricks edged. Her voluminous hair was curly and grew up to the side.

Since the introduction of the collectionthe celebrity of pop, where some of the garments modeled itself on social networks.

In a recent publication, thanked for the support she has received, and added a video, where was his illustration of the impact of various pieces of clothing: crop tops, leggings, chamarras, form-fitting dresses, bodies, shorts, biker, tennis, running shoes, ankle boots style, socks and hats.

The range seems to be defined by a range of colors, including shades of cherry, white and orange.

“I would like to very much thank all the people who were incredibly, in long rows in the snow and rain. All of the beautiful people, waiting, waiting in the rooms online. All the friends and family that took the time to record videos and in the ‘unboxing’,” she wrote on Instagram.


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According to the publication, Queen B received ridicule on Twitter from the fans, that your new clothes compared to the uniform of the retail Sainsbury’s.

Comments such as “Yes, ladies. You also have the new “look” of Beyoncé can buy “seems to be a cashier from Sainsbury’s. Come one, come all. Get your outfit from Sainsbury’s (sorry, I would like to say, Beyoncé) now before they are sold out! The use will help you to remember where you buy your food” and “Beyoncé in boxes: on the left side, on the left side. Everything scan arose in the bag to your left,” on Twitter, the latter referring to the song Irreplaceable by the award-winning celebrity.

For his part, the shop, joked about the uniforms have been replicated since 1869, but still you continue to the original concept.

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