Beyoncé shows her passion to lose weight, to Coachella 2018


Beyoncé was recently a video on Youtube that tells how he made his return to the stage at the Festival Coachella 2018after the birth of her twins, Rumi and Sir in 2017. The American singer has spoken diet of 44 days “a hundred herbs” retrieve, your ideal weight, and of the ravages of this harsh regime, the cause of muscle tremors and impaired mentally. According to her, the diet led to far.

“I’m back on the stage after the birth of the twins. I’m feeling a woman, your body not you,” she said, before tips from your personal trainer coach food, beverages, Marco BorgesCreator of the nutrition, 22 days, nutritious, and followed him, while the 44. “This is my weight of 218 pounds (79 Kg). It will go a long way,” said Beyoncé.

Beyoncé in an image file.

Beyoncé in an image file.
(Joel C Ryan / AP)

The diet of Borges is based on the “delete” food ultra-procesados, but not everything. The singer has declared that during the duration of the diet only eat bread, or carbs, or sugar, no dairy products, or meat, or fish, or alcohol. “I’m hungry!”complains of the artists in the video, while eating a salad.


Depending on the account, was not only a question of weight. The psychological preparation to be on the stage, just as important, the strict regime, something that has not helped. “Losing weight was so much easier back in shape, and feel comfortable with my body,” he explained.

In order to be prepared for Coachella 2018, the singer underwent the diet while participating in endless days of attempts, all in combination with the care for your three little ones. “It’s not like earlier, when he samples for 15 hours without interruption. Now I have children. I have a man. I have the care of my body. I pushed him further and further away from what you really could. I learned a valuable lesson. Never, never I’ll back off,” says Beyoncé in her video.