Celia Lora boasts of her big breast in a photo from Instagram


The famous model Celia Lora enjoys in the center of attention, and this time he managed a daring picture of himself was his great chest, as she stressed, rather, the position he was in.

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The photo she published on Instagram, where her fans were with you eyes I jumped so much volume in a blouse.

Celia is lying in his bed, wearing a blouse is completely transparent, bra, black not helped with the censorship, because I would have had him seen too much on the photo and you will probably be locked.

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The image was very popular, of all the social networks, thanks to the addition of more than 100 thousand likes in a few hours, his fans will not want him, but because his box for comments is still locked, because he had a couple of problems with the fans, since they were to overtake, a little bit with her.

The model is of the polemics on polemics, even if they enjoy it, because he knows what he has and what leads to their fans, in fact, supports your life style, super crazy, and what shows that he loves you.

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The model is also a business woman, because she has a line of swimwear, on this occasion, a clothing thanked the business, to help, to encourage, uses their fame because everything he the model of affect draws attention.

We need to remember that a few days ago was mired in a scandal, because during his visit in Mazatlan, the famous daughter of Alex Lora Tri, has a strong appeal via your social networks in a “In-vivo”, where you will be sentenced at a hotel in Mazatlan men of security, they beat you and your friend for being gay.

In a video recompartido one of your fans, we will be able to see that Celia said, beat you to you and your friend to respect that she is a woman, because I wanted to, that her boyfriend entered her room “without having to pay hosting”, something that the model was certainly not a problem, because what you pay, but the hotel will not accept, and the ran, even though I had already paid for his stay for a few days.